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Collected Data - Wilma

 Summary Tower Deployment
Tower Data Pressure Tap Setup Pressure Tap Data

 Details - Hurricane Wilma
 Storm Path:  Storm Facts:

 Storm Life  October 15 - October 25, 2005
 Landfall  near Cape Romano, FL


 October 20 - October 25, 2005
 $12.2 Billion
 Casualties  5
 Links  NOAA - NHC, AOML

Source:  NOAA Hurricane Frances Tropical Cyclone Report

Synopsis of FCMP Deployment

Participating Team Members
Dr. Forrest Masters, FIU
Jimmy Erwin, FIU
Marcio Souza, FIU
Dr. Kurt Gurley, UF
Jimmy Jesteadt, UF
Rob Davis, UF
Jorel Vacarro, UF
Jesus Jayaro, UF
Sean-Paul Ferrera, UF
Felix Rodriguez, UF
James Gravesen, UF


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